Daly Manor, Killylea, Armagh

Project type:
Replacement Dwelling
approx. 3700 sqft
This bespoke L-shaped dwelling design is a replacement of a traditional rural farmstead in a secluded rural setting, located at the end of an intimate tree-lined laneway.

The concept for this dwelling relates to the traditional Irish Georgian style farmsteads with the large formal rendered “Manor House” addressing the driveway approach with the smaller renovated “Out-house” block to the rear. The idea was to create the feeling that the proposed “Manor House” was existing on the site and that the “Out-house” had been renovated to combine and accommodate a family home suitable for modern standards of living.

The material palette used in this design is also reminiscent of the traditional building and finishing materials of stone, brick and render. The two blocks of varying aesthetic appearance and material finishes are connected by a contemporary glazed circulation link. The use of traditional forms and materials with modern detailing and features help elevate the quality of the dwelling to achieve a sensitive yet contemporary approach to the overall design and identify a hierarchy of scales and historical importance to the different elements.